About Me

Hey there! My name is Lisa Atkinson and I am a former City Planner and Economic Development Director turned Blogger and Blog Coach.

I enjoy taking the marketing skills and experience I have from helping businesses and property owners find solutions to their problems, and applying it to my other love, blogging (and helping bloggers succeed)!

I especially enjoy helping new bloggers take their blogging goals from dream to reality, helping them break through frustration and overwhelm, so they can have a blog that they love, that makes an impact on the world and brings them financial freedom!

My Mission

  • I love to help anyone wanting to create a blog succeed in blogging.
  • I specialize in helping bloggers thrive while getting started strong.
  • I help bloggers create success through a four element process: build, outreach, sharpen and sell, encompassing all the nuances of creating and monetizing a blog
  • If you want to succeed in blogging, I am here to help!

My Vision

  • My objective is to help 1,000 bloggers grow their blogs to 7 figures and beyond.
  • The bloggers I have helped are proud of their blogs and their impact on the world.
  • These amazing bloggers have learned so much and have gained freedom and fulfillment.
  • I have helped new bloggers thrive by replacing tech roadblocks and frustration with accountability and support.
This is a photo of Lisa Atkinson, here to help you start or grow your blog so you can gain freedom, income, and impact without frustration or overwhelm.
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Lisa Atkinson, here to help you succeed!

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